I had been suffering from IBS for over three years and I've seen three Gastroenterologists and none could provide any long term relief.They performed many tests in an attempt to determine the cause, all of which were negative. They thought it could be diet related, but offered no treatment plan. Instead they prescribed medications to control the IBS. The medications did provide some relief, but they also had undesirable side effects. I felt there had to be a better solution. It was then that I met with Bernice who after a comprehensive consultation, mapped out a plan to control the IBS symptons. Her "prescription"consists of dietary changes, supplements and some minor lifestyle changes. It has made a huge difference and I feel considerably better following her guidelines. Thank you Bernice.

At 49 years old after finding out that my Cholesterol was very high I made the decision to improve my lifestyle in many ways. I was referred to Bernice Borow, R.D. to discuss a healthy nutrition for my everyday life and weight loss. After my first 1.5 hour session with Ms. Borow I received an education. Ms. Borow was extremely knowledgable, professional and very thorough. As I left her office I felt that this was something very positive that I was doing for myself. Thanks to Ms. Borow’s guidance throughout this process I am succeeding and have never felt better physically and emotionally. I was not only another patient to Ms. Borow I was someone she sincerely cared about.

Bernice was more than a nutritionist to me, she was my biggest cheerleader. She wanted me to succeed at not only weight loss but all of life's challenges. I have been overweight my whole life and she changed the way I looked and reacted to food. Her support helped me lose weight right after I quit smoking. Bernice made me feel comfortable and I knew I could be honest and open with her about anything.

I’m 38 years old and have struggled with my weight for the past 25 years. If there was a diet or program, I did it! You name it… the grapefruit diet, the 3 day diet, Jenny Craig, Nutra System, etc…. It wasn’t until I met Bernice that I was able to change my lifestyle and get serious. Bernice was able to point out the positives in the things that I was doing and help me to make the changes necessary that would work with my lifestyle. She is a very dedicated nutritionist; not only does she celebrate your accomplishments and important milestones, but she will also let you know you need to get real again and refocus if you are having a difficult time. If you’re serious about changing your lifestyle and getting healthy, then this is the nutritionist for you.

Bernice, has been conducting educational workshops on nutrition and fitness to our adolescents and they love her, she breaks down the information in language our young people can understand.