Twenty five Ways to Shape up Your Weight Loss- Part Two

I am hoping that you have read part one and implemented my suggestions. I hope that the benefits are coming your way. Summertime is still here and this is your opportunity to continue with the strategies that have helped my patients to finally get the weight off and keep it off, increase their fitness levels and say goodbye to many medications for high cholesterol, hypertension, and high blood glucose and or blood fat levels.

26. Get a tape measure and get serious. Measurements are not negotiable numbers. Your biceps, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves measurements should be recorded with the date. Three times a week commit to working those muscles. Every two weeks take a new measurement. If there is positive change happening continue adding either more weight or more repetitions. If there are not positive changes examine your sessions. Have you been doing them three times a week? Are you following recommended workouts from a professional? If yes to the above I suggest you seek out fitness pro and give yourself every opportunity to accomplish your goals.

27. Treat yourself to a walk through your own closet. Please donate all items that are bigger sizes than you are.

28. Take a picture of you now and if you have a picture of you when you were where you want to be put them next to each other and carry them with you.

29. Find a buddy who is also goal oriented and make a bet. Winning is a wonderful incentive to push yourself.

30. Be flexible. If the weather is too humid or threatening thunderstorms know how to get your workout in. indoor air-conditioned malls offer the alternative to outdoor exercise. You might be very surprised to see many people using the mall for exercise.

31. Go shopping. You have the opportunity to try on many different looks in privacy without spending any money.

32. Freeze the abundant less expensive fruits in serving size packages. Use these for smoothies and baking especially later on when the prices are higher. Peel and freeze bananas.

33. Use frozen fruits to make refreshing slushes using available summertime fruits like watermelon.

34. Use frozen strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate for dessert.

35. Use the internet for recipes. There are wonderful healthy recipes to try using a grill.

36. Do you have a vision in your mind of your best look? Close your eyes and see yourself –what are your wearing? What colors? Where are you? In a favorite place? I hope you are smiling!

37. Take ten-be grateful for your being.

38. Must have a “go to” strategy– everyone experiences weak moments. If you can be aware of the negative messages you are getting and have a strategy to buy yourself ten minutes-this will divert that weak moment. Examples are taking a bath, calling a friend, writing a letter to yourself, organizing a drawer.

39. Be realistic in your goals. The worst feeling of disappointment comes when you have unrealistic expectations. 10% weight loss in 6 months is realistic if you have substantial weight to lose. Two pounds per week is the average weight that should not come back.

40. After losing the weight it is vital to success to keep that weight off for 6-8 weeks. At that time you can reassess if more weight needs to come off.

42. Advertise your plan to lose weight, increase fitness and/or get off medications. The more people in your circle that know the less likely you are to slip up.

44. Beaches and parks offer wonderful locations to explore and appreciate the views, sounds and smells around you.

45. Calculate your daily intake; using your phone app or computer or the many books available with charts and formulas to help you.

46. Please don’t listen to advice from non professionals.

47. Play games. Examples are designating money for every pound or inch or mile walked. Listing destinations upon completion of every short term goal. Spa date, round of golf, new article of clothing are all common incentives that work.

48. Breathe. Take a few deep breaths before going to bed. If feelings invade that are negative or make you anxious deep breathing might help.

49. Learn to ask for what you need. Is it a hug? A nap? Or maybe some space. Everyone needs to take care of themselves.

50. Celebrate every success and journal it for the future so you can always refer back to it for reinforcement.

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