Successful Weight Loss-What You Say = What You Eat

Cheat, Weak, and Tiny -I hear these words uttered mindlessly all the time. It might seem insignificant but behind these words are excuses that sabotage weight loss success. Please don’t misunderstand me; any long-term successful weight loss plan needs “wiggle room” which is not cheating-it is necessary for success. It should be part of your plan and include time off from exercise and one or two meals that might help you to feel in control and satisfied to return to the basic plan. What I am stating is bringing your attention to how we create and condone excuses that defeat successful weight loss.

Cheat: what does that mean to you? We are a society where naughty little digressions are not frowned upon but often applauded and elevated to emulate that person If we can take a step back and think about what cheating represents in terms of nutrition maybe some actions will finally change and positive behaviors and successes will result. The difference is being in control. Setting up the right way to indulge a craving for simple carbohydrates like pasta or a chocolate brownie. Within reason by returning to the basic plan that meal will not have a harmful effect on weight loss. What is important to realize is the scientific knowledge that simple carbohydrates create a craving for more of the same and that will have a negative effect on your weight loss.

Weak: this is spoken in the context of being stressed and unprepared. If you believe you are weak then you are giving yourself permission to fail. The strategy of keeping a food journal prevents weak moments. Taking ten minutes to reinforce what you should be eating and drinking is your best defense against weak moments.

Tiny: my first response is “are you talking about a handful, a tablespoon, 1 ounce”? My intention is to enlighten and educate about portions. There is a lot to learn about servings and portions. For example a portion of fruit can be one cup of berries, or four ounces of fruit salad, but depending on your customized food plan your daily requirement of fruit might be anywhere between two to four servings per day.

The basics of a long-term successful weight loss plan are learning what amounts of nutrition, exercise and hydration your body needs for energy. Calories in =calories out; basically a customized scientific formula which then addresses genetics, any medications or medical conditions you might have.

I hope that now it is easier to be aware and connect those words often used as the excuse for not staying with your plan. In my experience being motivated to lose weight is a commendable and difficult endeavor. Unrealistic expectations have negative effects on long-term weight loss. If you adhere to your plan you can expect to lose two pounds per week with the goal of 10% weight loss within six months. Realistic expectations are an important facet of weight loss success. Patience and persistence are required.

So what am I saying? As human beings we lead stressful lives and at times might be exposed to difficult situations which complicate staying on our plan. It is not always possible to have the right food available, to do the required amount of physical activity and drink the necessary amount of water.

My best advice is always try to be prepared but be aware of the circumstances you find yourself in and do the best you can. This is temporary .Knowing that the situation is temporary and the opportunity to return to plan is around the corner so to speak should reinforce positive self talk. Please think twice before you give yourself excuses.

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