Milk Myths-Please Read

I have seen too many children in my practice with eating issues among the most common anemia.

First time mothers depend on the advice they get from their pediatricians about how to nourish their child. Too often this advice turns out to be harmful.

Many of my articles as well as my counseling sessions include my firm recommendation not to take any advice from anyone at face value. We have every right to question anything that we are putting in our bodies or the bodies of our family. Television advertising does not have to be accountable unless some watchdog group brings it to our attention. Too often nutrition labeling is misleading. Continue reading

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Fifty Shades to Shape up Your Weight Loss-Part One

Summertime is here and the living should now be easy. That includes your weight loss plan. Here are the first twenty-five of my best suggestions to help you accomplish your weight loss goals.

1. Get a checkup: Assess how healthy you are. Know your numbers. Don’t ignore any medical issues. Make a plan to lower that cholesterol or lose 10% of your weight in the next 6 months or take care of your teeth if you haven’t seen your dentist in a year.

2. Fill up on fluids: When the heat is on nothing tastes better than an icy cold beverage. This is the time of year for smoothies, slushes and refrigerators filled with pitchers of mint, lemons, limes, apple slices, melon slivers, and cucumbers. Continue reading

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Weigh your Portions for Weight Loss

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist my goal is to help you live your life the healthiest. My focus is to help you create goals and accomplish them. I hope my past articles have helped you to identify the food groups: protein, carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, grains and dairy), and fat. Vitamins minerals, fiber and water, are not considered food groups but they contribute necessary building blocks for our bodies. This is primary education necessary to create a healthy food plan. I am assuming you can identify these nutrients every time you eat and drink. Knowing the number of portions of each of these food groups is the next step in creating your eating plan. This article will focus on portion education. Continue reading

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Obesity in Childhood

The prevalence of obesity for children and adolescents ages 2-19 years old living in the United States is nearly 17%. This statistic is dramatically above the estimated 5% from the early 1970’s. Our society has become less focused on manual activities as well as increasing economic demands on our families which are limiting time and choice of family meals and activities.

The increased risk of developing significant co morbidities such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and sleep apnea can be avoided. In addition to coping with these medical conditions, children are often targets of social aggression, discrimination and bullying due to their obesity.  Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Gout

Gout has been around for centuries. It was a common condition among the wealthier class, who because little other food was available lived mostly on meat.

Gout is a painful swelling of the joints, and a common form of arthritis. It is generally more common in men, and sometimes occurring in those with a genetic susceptibility. The feeling of thousands of needles that settle in the soft tissues around joints cause inflammation. Most severe pain usually occurs at night with the joints swelling, and skin warm, red, purplish and shiny. These crystals that feel like needles are uric acid combined with sodium. Uric acid, forms as a byproduct of the breakdown of protein digestion. When there is a high uric acid level there can be substantial pain, and swelling in the joints of the feet, ankles, knees, fingers, wrists and elbows. Continue reading

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Who’s Really Watching the Store?

One of the reasons I became a Registered Dietitian was my own personal lack of nutrition knowledge which only kept me locked into bad habits of course I did not know were bad habits. In school I wanted to be one of the group whatever my friends ate I ate. Pizza, fries, soda, cookies etc. Then years later being a young mother I started to realize that I was heavier than my circle of friends. I tried diets without anything really working for more than a few months. It took many years of trial and error until I started educating myself. Once you have the basics down it seems that weight control becomes manageable. One of the basics includes reading the nutrition labels on food and knowing how many calories your body needs every day.  Continue reading

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Are You Headed for Heart Disease?

27.1 million Americans, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), have heart disease. Being overweight or obese, having high blood pressure and/or type II diabetes are conditions that may increase the risk of developing heart disease, as well as Alzheimer’s and kidney disease.

Working with a Registered Dietitian can be an effective plan to prevent these conditions from occurring. It is our job to create a strategy for overweight clients to lose 10% of their current weight in six months, while learning the basics of healthy diet, hydration, physical activity and stress management. This educational process can save time, money and possibly your life, while lowering your chances of developing these conditions that may lead to coronary heart disease. Continue reading

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Celebrating the Superbowl without Putting On the Pounds

Today and every day until February 5th, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will be creating a game plan and and practicing the winning strategies created by their experienced coaching staff.

One of my jobs as a Registered Dietitian is creating winning strategies and a food game plan so my clients enjoy their social events while controlling their food and drink behaviors so they are also winners. Superbowl Sunday is one of the most watched sporting events in our country. My goal is for my clients to enjoy the social aspect and be proud of their win!

So let’s get started with my winning strategies: Continue reading

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#1 Most Important Weight Loss Strategy

After years of battling weight issues personally and professionally there is one very important strategy that needs to be addressed. Long-term success will be achieved when and only when you understand and master this strategy.

In my practice when counseling weight issues I always come back to treating the mental and emotional aspect of weight. This includes weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance and eating disorders. There is a reflex from your brain to your hand to your mouth.  Continue reading

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Outsmarting the Salad Server and Becoming a Slimmer You

How often have you been to a salad station in a take- out lunch place with someone on the other side ready to fill your bowl? I have many clients that are faced with this situation daily during their work week. One of the benefits of meeting with a nutritionist is working out a customized plan to overcome obstacles such as this. I invite you to contact me, Bernice Borow RD, CDN, Specialist in weight management, so we can overcome any obstacles you might be dealing with in your attempt to be at your healthiest. Continue reading

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