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Welcome to Your Next Stage-the best of all

i am reaching out to my senior men and women. Have you realized that you look at life differently? are you more aware of whatever time left and how you want to spend it? i am feeling so grateful for … Continue reading

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Navigating the Holiday Season

Every year so many of us begin the holiday season with significant accomplishments in weight loss, and unfortunately many of the same people find they have regained their weight and might have added new pounds. It is my goal to … Continue reading

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Make Your Goal Living the Simple Life

A recent article in the New York Times “the Island where People Forget to Die” by Dan Buettner really got my attention. I am a registered dietitian and yes it is a good goal to lose weight if you need … Continue reading

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Get Real & Goal Oriented

In my practice as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist I have counseled many patients on weight loss. There are similarities that I recognize as causing long term success or failure. This article will share my conclusions to identify the reasons for success … Continue reading

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Do You Have A Weight Loss Tool Box?

You might be thinking what is this about? A weight loss toolbox? I will illustrate why a toolbox is necessary for achieving long term weight loss, and if you understand its importance you just might adapt a toolbox for other … Continue reading

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Weight Issues Nobody Talks About

Because I am a registered dietitian/nutritionist with a passion for good living I get annoyed with the general misconception surrounding weight issues. For example, in order to maintain a healthy weight one has to deprive themselves of the important experience … Continue reading

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Successful Weight Loss-What You Say = What You Eat

Cheat, Weak, and Tiny -I hear these words uttered mindlessly all the time. It might seem insignificant but behind these words are excuses that sabotage weight loss success. Please don’t misunderstand me; any long-term successful weight loss plan needs “wiggle … Continue reading

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Weigh your Portions for Weight Loss

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist my goal is to help you live your life the healthiest. My focus is to help you create goals and accomplish them. I hope my past articles have helped you to identify the food groups: protein, … Continue reading

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Summer Foods

Did you ever think that it is beneficial for your body to choose foods seasonally? It is!! There are a few reasons why this makes sense. Seasonal foods are in abundance and cost less. In addition there is a growing … Continue reading

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Twenty five Ways to Shape up Your Weight Loss- Part Two

I am hoping that you have read part one and implemented my suggestions. I hope that the benefits are coming your way. Summertime is still here and this is your opportunity to continue with the strategies that have helped my … Continue reading

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